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Our main goal is to provide useful and high-quality information about various climbing spots around the world. In the beginning, Switzerland where we life is our starting point and therefore gets for the moment our main priority. Later on, climbing spots out of foreign countries shall be added to this website. Every climbing spot that is published on scalamalade-areas.com has been visited and valued in advance. Hence we want to give you a maximum of information in an identical and high quality.


Guido Ammon and Matthias Ruh are literally the heart of scalamalade-areas.com. They gathered most of the information, translated all the written work into French and English, and provided ideas for the design of scalamalade-areas.com.


Matthias Ruh, born in 1987, currently lives in Langenthal, Switzerland. He began his climbing carrer with eleven and is still a very passionated and fascinated climber. From 2005 through 2008, he was member of the Swiss Climbing Team. In summer 2007, after he finished college, Matthias traveled to the western part of the United States and Mexico for half a year. During this awesome time and the many years of climbing before, he obtained many important climbing experiences and loves to spend his free time on the rocks or the ice. Traveling, climbing, and take delight on this wonderful world is of great significance and value for him. In August 2008 he has begun a one year stage at Krebs & Partner AG in Münsingen. After this year he intends to study Business Administration (International Management) at the University of Northwestern Switzerland.


Guido Ammon, born in 1978, currently lives in St.Petersburg, Russia and in Herzogenbuchsee, Switzerland. Guido began his climbing career in 1991 and is a very enthusiastic climber. For him, climbing is the reason to live, to breath, and to travel and discover every part of the world. In the beginning, he began with more classical and alpine routes, north walls and later on has begun to focus on free climbing. Guido has equipped some alpine routes as well as some sport climbing spots. Furthermore, he is very interested in the fashion business. From 2004 through 2004, Guido attended a fashion manager school in Paris and afterwards worked in Paris until 2006 as a Sales Manager.


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