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General Terms and Conditions

Scalamalade-areas.com is an information platform for passionated climbers. Scalamalade-areas.com presents various climbing spots, where all climbing styles can be practised and enjoyed. But be aware, climbing can be dangerous! Every climber practice climbing on his own risk. All the information given to the climbing spots have been written with the best knowledge available. Scalamalade® takes no responsibility for every accident relatively to the information given on the web page. The climber has to be aware of the local weather forecast, the objective dangers, and his own climbing ability. All the written information, pictures and layouts that are published on scalamalade-areas.com are owned by Scalamalade® and therefore legally protected. If someone copies or misuses any of the information on scalamalade-areas.com, we will take legal action. © 2008 scalamalade