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Bramois (Bas Valais) **** II

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Bramois Bas Valais Switzerland 2
3a - 5b: 54
5b+ - 6a+: 61
6b - 7a: 35
7a+ - 7c: 9
7c+ - 9a: 3
2 46.22238,7.408744


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Routen gesamt Ausrichtung Style Höhe
  • 54
  • 61
  • 35
  • 9
  • 3
= 162 all 580 M.ü.M.

Countless opportunities for climbing in the Valley of Borgne

In the narrow gorge of the Borgne Valley, numerous climbing possibilities have been developed in the past years. Bramois, with over one hundred routes ranked mostly between 5b and 6c, is well known even beyond borders of the country. Some of the routes are a little dusty, but this should not lessen one’s climbing pleasure. On the popular multi-pitch routes, a helmet must be worn to protect the head of the climber from falling debris or in case of a fall. The risk of causing a rock fall is big, so one must be careful when rappeling. Although the valley is thick with vegetation, it may become extremely hot during the summer. In the canton of Valais, Bramois is definitely a must for all plasir climbers!

Attention: Please consider the terms and conditions


Single Rope 60m
Double rope 2x60m
Nuts -
Friends -
Quickdraws 15
Slings 2
Cords -
Hammer-Bolts -
Rock Gneiss
Exposition all
Sun 08:00 - 20:00
Altitude 580 m
Routes 162
  • 54
  • 61
  • 35
  • 9
  • 3
Height 180 m
Equipment 4 - Legend key
Severity II - Legend key
My first steps Yes
Website -


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Access draft


by car 20' Route de Nax Google Map ?
by public transportation 30' Bramois, Pont de Bramois Fahrplan


  • plaisir west

  • Escalade en Valais Central

Suitability for children

no danger for children Yes
Pram No
Routes for children No


  • Many visitors during weekends.
  • Some sectors offers good climbing possibilities for courses and groups.
  • Very hot during the summer. Pleasant climbing is only possible in the shadow.
  • Please do not leave the paths.
  • Climbing parties may create dangerous rockfall. Do not visit sectors which are located below multipitch routes.