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Magic Wood-Averstal (Graubünden) **** II

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Magic Wood-Averstal Graubünden Switzerland 1
3a - 5b: 23
5b+ - 6a+: 27
6b - 7a: 72
7a+ - 7c: 94
7c+ - 9a: 41
4 46.565781,9.437814


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Routen gesamt Ausrichtung Style Höhe
  • 23
  • 27
  • 72
  • 94
  • 41
= 257 east 1300 M.ü.M.

Where the magic can be felt!

The Magic Wood is located near to the village Ausserferrera and offers about 250 problems, which are scattered throughout the magic like forest. Even if the boulders are situated relatively near to each other, there are still new parts of the forest to be discovered. Most of the excellent boulders that can be found in the forest are rated between 7a and 8a. With New baseline 8c, Bernd Zangerl established the hardest and probably best known problem in the wood. In any event there are still many new lines and boulders that are waiting to be climbed. The Magic Wood is actually known to be a summer bouldering spot, but the best conditions can normally be found during Spring and Autumn. During the summer, you may wish to climb early in the morning or later in the afternoon. Mainly for the boulderers, the community of Ausserferrera established a small camping spot, which has to be used if you don‘t want to pay for a hotel. The camping costs CHF 5 for a night per person. It is clearly prohibited to camp free in the forest or anywhere else in the area!

Attention: Please consider the terms and conditions


Single Rope -
Double rope -
Nuts -
Friends -
Quickdraws -
Slings -
Cords -
Hammer-Bolts -
Rock Granite
Exposition east
Sun 10:00 - 16:00
Altitude 1300 m
Routes 257
  • 23
  • 27
  • 72
  • 94
  • 41
Height 7 m
Equipment - - Legend key
Severity II - Legend key
My first steps No
Website -


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Access draft


by car 10' Google Map ?
by public transportation 10' Ausserferrera, Schmelzi Fahrplan


Suitability for children

no danger for children No
Pram No
Routes for children No


  • Use only official parking spots.
  • The publishing of topos without the authorization of the holders of the climbing spot is prohibited. No groupes. We respect and leave the spot like we have found it when we arrived and don’t climb the projects of the holders.
  • Good summer climbing spot.
  • Highballs. Take enough crashpads with you!
  • The jumping-down area of the boulder spot is often blocked with rocks.