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Aigle (Bas Valais) **** I

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Aigle Bas Valais Switzerland 2
3a - 5b: 6
5b+ - 6a+: 15
6b - 7a: 12
7a+ - 7c: 6
7c+ - 9a: 1
3 46.308332,6.972392

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Routen gesamt Ausrichtung Style Höhe
  • 6
  • 15
  • 12
  • 6
  • 1
= 40 southwest 460 M.ü.M.

Climbing crag close to the nice village of Aigle

Beside a castle, a golf drive, a nice historical old city and a backcountry with a lot of stunning mountains Aigle offer a nice climbing crag with 44 beautiful routes. The crag is located about 20min from the city and knows a lower and an upper sector. Unfortunately the upper sector is difficult to reach. The climb is easily reachable by public transport and worthwhile to pass a nice climbing evening on good rock after work or for a full day on week end. Even during the cold months climbing is possible make sure that no snow is lying under the wall as the access to the routes might get dangerous. If you are visiting this crag during winter please pay attention to the position of the sun. She will reach the wall only at after noon. If you are keen to climb more routes in this nice area, Drapel or Leysin offer many more nice routes.

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Single Rope 60m
Double rope -
Nuts -
Friends -
Quickdraws 16
Slings 2
Cords -
Hammer-Bolts -
Rock Limestone
Exposition southwest
Sun 12:00-18:00
Altitude 460 m
Routes 40
  • 6
  • 15
  • 12
  • 6
  • 1
Height 45 m
Equipment 5 - Legend key
Severity I - Legend key
My first steps No
Website -


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Access draft


by car 5' Google Map ?
by public transportation 25' Aigle Fahrplan


  • Escalades - Vaud et Bas Valais

Suitability for children

no danger for children No
Pram No
Routes for children No


  • Possible to climbing during the winter. Can be accessed without skis. Wall faces south.
  • Partly the base of the climbing spot is steep. Use the rope for security.



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