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Arête spéciale (Jura francophone) **** V

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Arête spéciale Jura francophone Switzerland 3
3a - 5b: -
5b+ - 6a+: 1
6b - 7a: 1
7a+ - 7c: -
7c+ - 9a: -
2 47.285357,7.382126

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Routen gesamt Ausrichtung Style Höhe
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= west 520 M.ü.M.

Airy, beautiful ridge!

The small spectacular ridge, called special ridge or small ridge of Moutier, located in the water gap of Moutier has been first climbed 1945. It was one of the first routes in the area. Even today, it attracts many climbers. Quite right, although the route is beginning to show the wear and on weekends it is often crowded. The beauty of the rock on this narrow, airy ridge is unique. One of the absolute Top climbs in the entire Jura! The climb requires a sure mastering of the degree 5b. All bolts are glued or cemented, however, for Plaisir rating the bolts are placed too far apart from each other. In 10 minutes a small via ferrata alongside the river takes you to the start of the climb. Descend by hiking down (30min) a path back into town is better done with approach shoes. Rappelling down the gorge is longer not possible as the rail track is enclosed and prohibited to cross.The entire climbing can be completed comfortably within three hours. The crags surrounding Moutier are still offering other top climbs.

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Single Rope 40m
Double rope -
Nuts 1 - 6
Friends 0.5 - 1.5
Quickdraws 8
Slings 2
Cords -
Hammer-Bolts -
Rock Limestone
Exposition west
Sun 10:00 - 17:00
Altitude 520 m
  • -
  • 1
  • 1
  • -
  • -
Height 150 m
Equipment 3 - Legend key
Severity V - Legend key
My first steps No
Website -


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Access draft


by car 15' Moutier Google Map ?
by public transportation 20' Moutier Fahrplan


  • plaisir Jura

  • Jura Biel/Bienne Moutier

Suitability for children

no danger for children No
Pram No
Routes for children No


  • Many visitors during weekends.
  • The approach already consists of some climbing passages. Have the helmet and the harness ready and use the rope if necessary.