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Abendberg (Simmental-Saanenland) **** VI

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Abendberg Simmental-Saanenland Switzerland 3
3a - 5b:
5b+ - 6a+: 13
6b - 7a: 52
7a+ - 7c: 18
7c+ - 9a: 1
3 46.621175,7.524975

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Routen gesamt Ausrichtung Style Höhe
  • 13
  • 52
  • 18
  • 1
= 84 south west southwest 1850 M.ü.M.

1980’s sportclimber paradise high above Zwischenflüh

The Abendberg is one of the oldest extreme climbing areas throughout the Bernese Oberland. With a large choice of about 100 routes it was very popular on the beginning of his exploitation during the 1980’s and ‘90’s. The large amount of routes shows the interest drawn to the Abendberg which is divided in many pillars and walls. The rock is a very beautiful limestone with water shaped pockets and crimps, for friends loving precise foot skills. Not the kind of climbing which is preferred today. That’s why only a few routes became classics. All other routes are rather rarely climbed. The equipment on the classic routes has been restored, in all other routes old equipment is on place. Caution should be exercised at any top out of the routes because it has quite a few loose stones on the ledges, therefore, a climbing helmet is highly recommended to wear. As the beginning of the routes can only be reached by rappelling the crag is also called the Verdon of the Bernese Oberland.

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Single Rope -
Double rope 2x60m
Nuts 3 - 7
Friends 0.5 - 2
Quickdraws 16
Slings 2
Cords -
Hammer-Bolts -
Rock Limestone
Exposition south west southwest
Sun 08:00-17:00
Altitude 1850 m
Routes 84
  • 13
  • 52
  • 18
  • 1
Height 150 m
Equipment diverse - Legend key
Severity VI - Legend key
My first steps No
Website -


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Access draft


by car 25' Google Map ?
by public transportation 1h45' Zwischenflüh, Post Fahrplan


  • Berner Voralpen

Suitability for children

no danger for children No
Pram No
Routes for children No


  • Take a guidebook or a topo with you when climbing.
  • Partly, there is no access path available.
  • Climbing spot that has a notable and long climbing history.
  • Toll road.
  • Some of the routes are secured with old equipement.
  • Climbing parties may create dangerous rockfall. Do not visit sectors which are located below multipitch routes.



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